Sunday, March 29, 2009

Protective Board Case

With lots of time to kill while waiting for sailing weather to roll around, I figured I'd make a case to protect the boards for my Blade. I had heard some guys just stuck their boards in the legs out of some old jeans. I also saw commercial versions for $75 plus shipping.

Neither appealed to me, so I started by fooling around with the design in Excel.I thought the bag should allow the boards to be inserted from either end and be held into place by velcro. Then the bag would fold in two and have a handle for easy carrying.

I measured the width of the boards and figured out how much fabric I needed, then sketched this blueprint.

I went to the local fabric store and bought 60" X 40"duck cloth for the outside and a similar size piece of soft quilting fabric for the inside. I also picked up 18" of 1" wide velcro and 18" of 3/4" polypropylene strap material for the handle. The last item I bought was some heavy duty thread.

First, I cut the duck cloth to the specifications shown below.

Then I cut the liner material to be the same shape, but 1/2" less on all sides. I then folded the 1/2" lip of duck cloth in to cover the liner material and pinned it all around using straight pins.

With our sewing machine on the fritz, I asked a friend to sew the outside, then fold and sew the material for the board cases and attache the velcro and handle. Overall, I am pretty happy with the case.

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