Sunday, February 15, 2009

Velocitek SpeedPuck

My latest purchase is a Velocitek Speed Puck.

This is basically a GPS based speedometer and compass for your sailboat. I bought it primarily to help me tune my sailboats while on the water.

As you can see from the picture, it only has one button that allows you to turn it on and change modes (speed, max speed, heading, etc.). I like the simplicity of this unit as I don't like to screw around with a lot of buttons while on the water.

It also has this neat function that allows you to download your GPS information from your SpeedPuck to your computer and then re-create races, etc. via their SpeedPlay software on your computer (PC only right now).

I purchased a spinnaker pole mount to put it on my Blade F16 sailboat. See the photos below for how it mounts.

The Speedpuck has this heavy duty velcro on the back called dual lock. After placing a piece of heavy duty velcro on the spinnaker pole mounting bracket, you mate the unit to the bracket.

You might be a little wary of the fact that it uses this velcro-like material called dual lock, but it is pretty tough. I tried to shake it free and gave it some pretty violent shakes. It also comes with a lanyard which I intend to tie to my spinnaker pole.

More to come on this unit...

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